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5 Petal Daisy Necklace

  • 5 Petal Daisies deliver a powerful message of innocence, new beginnings and love.

    Symbolizing hope and happiness, these daisies absolutely irradiate good energy.

    See our 5 Petal Daisy Bracelet and 5 Petal Daisy Earrings to complete this beautiful set.

  • Length: 47 cm

  • Handmade in Peru

    925 Sterling Silver

    • Store silver jewelry in a cool dry place.
    • To clean, wash gently with warm water.
    • Use a silver polishing cloth or a fine piece of felt to dry.
    • Do not bunch many pieces in the same container to avoid scratches.
    • Do not wear silver jewelry to the pool, hot tubs, or showers.