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How to Break-in Leather Shoes

Like all good things in life, breaking in your brand new leather shoes requires  a little quality time, patience, and attention.

Quality time - The break-in process is different for everyone, and depending on your foot shape, it could take less or more time. Eventually, leather shoes give in and mold to your foot becoming more and more comfortable with time.

Patience - We do not recommend buying leather shoes and right away wear them for an extended period of time, for example to a wedding, or an all-day event. Without going thru the break in process this can result in mild discomfort or even be...downright painful. We do recommend wearing your brand new leather shoes around the house first, starting with short periods of time on the first days, and increasing that time day by day until they reach a comfortable level. 

Attention - Within the first minutes of walking on new leather shoes pay attention to spots where you feel any discomfort or rubbing of the skin. Those spots need to be protected before a blister appears. During the break-in process you can avoid blisters by putting on socks or second skin padding right on the trouble spots. Everyone has a different spot and there are great products out there to help with this process, including creams, sprays, and pads.

In the end, it is all well worth the time, patience, and attention because your new leather shoes will become the most comfortable shoes you own.