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PARAKAUSHE is guided by a down to earth mindset.

The founders of PARAKAUSHE, Gisella Risco, based in Fort Lauderdale, and Milagros Risco, based in Lima Peru, bring their years of corporate experience in medical devices and food safety products to the fashion industry. They apply their expertise in design, quality assurance, good manufacturing practices (cGMP), commercialization management, and continuous improvement methodologies to the creation of the finest apparel and accessories. 

"We realize that finding apparel made of top-quality natural materials fit for the two-season climate of South Florida is very difficult. Warmer weather regions demand natural  apparel all year-round.  Instead, a supply of clothes and accessories made of synthetic materials such as polyester, acrylic and nylon are suffocating people living in or visiting these regions. In contrast, natural materials are absorbent and breathable; they absorb sweat and let it evaporate away from your body, allowing your skin to breathe. Simple as that.

The concepts we embrace are:

Fine Natural Materials      Beauty and Meaning       High Quality Finishes     Skilled Artisanship

PARAKAUSHE offers a curated selection of casual essentials for down to earth women like you. Our products are mindfully designed, made of the finest breathable materials, and produced by top tier craftsmen."

Gisella Risco Co-Founder at PARAKAUSHE, lives in Fort Lauderdale Florida and is the Head Designer of the company.

Founder and Designer at PARAKAUSHE

Fashion Designer, The Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale.

Gisella Risco

Milagros Risco Co-Founder at PARAKAUSHE

Founder and General Manager at PARAKAUSHE

MBA, Bachelor in Engineering.

Milagros Risco